• Home Turf / Crony on the Metro

    Hagop Najarian & Christian Spruell

    November 20 – December 31, 2021 

    Opening Reception Saturday, November 20, 3 - 7pm 
    Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12 – 6pm 
    (Closed 11/25, 12/24, 12/25)


    LAUNCH Gallery is proud to present two solo shows by local mid-career artists who present  painterly images inspired by whole-life experiences, imagined ideals and punk rock  influences. In Home Turf, Hagop Najarian uses vibrant colors combining seasoned elements  of abstraction and figuration to create memorable paintings oozing with hope and  inspiration. In Crony on the Metro Christian Spruell brings a command of materials and  fearless execution that portray imagery of youthful shenanigans, mid-life irreverence and more.



    Stonehenge and Us, 2021, Oil on canvas, 60”x 60


    “Home Turf is a series of paintings that reunites my history of figuration with my previous series  of abstract paintings. The intersection of these two genres culminates in the synthesis of  color, sound, gesture and memory. 

    “As an ongoing record of my visual DNA, these paintings ignite both the audible and visual  senses within my creative process as a painter and musician. The imagery in the paintings  summons the emotive powers of memory, euphoria and nostalgia, providing a dialogue for  the viewer and their own senses of color, gesture and joy. We are all a culmination of our  own life experiences as we reflect on our Home Turf.” ~ Hagop Najarian



    For Lease Navidad, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 72" x 120"


     Crony on the Metro 

    “A pile of prospects exploring the evasive distinctions between the abstract and figurative  form. 

    “While the subject matter is of importance and holds a place of validity, it (the subject)  becomes secondary to the marks that bring the subject to form thus giving priority to object.  By no means does this imply that the subject bears no responsibility. When coming upon an  image or choosing a topic, a vetting process takes place on various levels. Object  eventually defers to subject as a final destination revealing individuals engaged in  commonplace undertakings. I stay consistent with the philosophy that welcoming the vile  and repugnant alongside the elegant magnetism of beauty and love may harness a  reflection of the human condition.


    “At the base of my work the common denominator is material. 

    Dried sheets of paint (paint skin) harvested from my studio floor and mixing barrels. Ink  drawings on rice paper becoming adhered transparencies to pressed paper, and incised  with graphite lead. Paint mixed with sand and/or dry pigment, applied with palette knives.  Spray paint, ink spray, thrown paint, each combined with lines of deliberate definition.” ~  Christian Spruell 


    Hagop Najarian is a working artist and college professor living in La Mirada, California. He received  his BFA in drawing and painting at Cal State Univ. Long Beach and in 1995 he completed his  graduate study at Tyler School of Art at Temple University through their study abroad program in  Rome, Italy and Philadelphia campus.  


    Hagop has been a Professor of Art teaching Drawing and Painting at Cerritos College since 1999. His  Tenure there includes serving as Department Chair, Faculty Senate, Club Advisor and numerous  administrative committees. In addition to exhibiting his work locally and nationally, he is a co founding member of the art collective Museum Adjacent and also a member of Durden and Ray  and High Beams, which are locally run artists collectives that have developed many exhibitions  throughout Los Angeles, nationally and Internationally. 


    Christian Spruell (born 1970 S.A.TX) lives and works in Glendora,CA. Christian Spruell attended the San  Francisco Art Institute and received a scholarship to the Skowhegan School of Painting and  Sculpture, Maine. Writing on his work can be found in such publications as Art In America, The  Avenue Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Review New York, Los Angeles Downtown News, Vast Art  Magazine among others in the national press. Public Collections include Boston Corporate Art, Allan  Stone New York and Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.