Evocative Art Around Town – Christine Rasmussen and Holly Elander

Genie Davis, Artillery, February 8, 2018

At Durden and Ray in DTLA, “Book Club: Speedboat,” inspired by Renata Adler’s episodic 1976 novel, utilizes the concept of a book club to create a provocative, fun community event. A lively, engaged crowd enjoyed a chartreuse and cognac cocktail curated by Robin Jackson, while dancers in white jumpsuits—choreographed by Ania Catherine, moved in and out of foam-filled cardboard boxes.

IMG 1573 1 Evocative Art All Around Town

Stephen Wolkoff, Alanna Marceletti, Jenny Hagar, Dani Dodge

IMG 1642 1 Evocative Art All Around Town

Ben Jackel, Max Presneil

IMG 1655 1 Evocative Art All Around Town

Dave Bondi with his art

Curator Steven Wolkoff—who curated a previous book club iteration, presented video footage by hair stylists Traci Sakosits and Matthew Kazarian, art works by Dave BondiJennifer CelioDani DodgeTom DunnKio GriffithJenny HagarBen JackelLaura KrifkaDavid LeapmanLiza Ryan andJayna Zweiman, creator of the Pussyhat Project.

IMG 1650 1 Evocative Art All Around Town

Tom Dunn with his art

Composer Michael Webster provided the evening’s score. From a video installation by Griffith to a mixed media wall sculpture by Dodge, and Jackal’s miniature stoneware “707” sculpture, there was much to experience.

IMG 1682 Evocative Art All Around Town

Christine Rasmussen and Randi Matsushevitz at Launch

IMG 1700 Evocative Art All Around Town

Holly Elander


In mid-city, at Launch, two beautiful and perfectly paired solo shows captivated a capacity crowd. With “Fenomenal,” Christine Rasmussen offers dream-like urban landscapes populated by distinctly feminine garments and fabrics that seem to have escaped all known boundaries. They’re filled with a wondrous light that vibrates with possibility.

IMG 1699 Evocative Art All Around Town

Painting by Holly Elander

Holly Elander presents works from two separate series, “Solitary Shadows and Their Home.” “Solitary Shadows” has a deliciously noir feel in contemplative night views of LA’s alleys and neighborhoods. “Their Home” is lighter in palette and whimsical in subject, featuring animals in domestic settings. Both artists work with architecture and design, creating intriguing, absorbing works.

IMG 1717 Evocative Art All Around Town

Von Sumner’s painting

IMG 1731 Evocative Art All Around Town

Artist Masakatsu Sashie

At KP Projects, two visually and psychologically intricate solo shows debuted: Masakatsu Sashie’s eloquent sci-fi “Kaleidoscope,” and Vonn Sumner’s thoughtful series of portraits and people, some faceless, “Strange Days.” Both shows are as fresh as they are mysterious.

Highways Performance Space Evocative Art All Around Town

Dakota Noot’s work

And, in Santa Monica, at Highways at the 18th Street Art Center, it was back to the literary world, as artist Dakota Noot exhibited a series of pen and pencil drawings in the wonderfully playful, inventive “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad.” Inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the captivating exhibition shows us faceless men mutating into a new species.


Photos by Genie Davis